If you’re wondering how to get rid of raccoons, then you probably already have trouble with them. Once raccoons have made a home for themselves in your house, they’re extremely hard to remove.

When you experience an existing raccoon population, it’s dangerous to attempt to remove them yourself. Using chemicals or sprays rarely work and can damage other everyday wild life and plant life you don’t want to harm. Using a raccoon removal service like Wildlife Abatement to provide humane raccoon removal is the right strategy. Wildlife Abatement will humanely trap and relocate the raccoons, so they will not knock over your garbage cans or terrorize your pets again.

Some people might think raccoons are cute, but those who suffer nightly garbage raids from these little “masked bandits” do not see them as adorable, particularly when they have the opportunity to scatter the trash throughout our yards. If you happen to be one of these unfortunate souls who is suffering from raccoons in your trash, you are most likely trying to figure out how to get rid of raccoons or seeking out a method of raccoon deterrent to attempt to keep these critters away.

How to get rid of raccoons Raccoons are easy to identify with their distinct markings. Raccoons are very hard to catch. Adult raccoons can reach weights of 50 pounds. Raccoons can be very mischievous which make raccoon catching very difficult. Raccoons have an opposable thumb which allows them to gain access to structures as well as remove lids off garbage cans to get to food sources.

There are several companies in the Shreveport Bossier City area that advertise offers for humane raccoon removal as well as a number of other services. We pride ourselves in specializing in the raccoon trapping, raccoon control and humane raccoon removal. With over five years of experience in dealing with raccoon removal we have experienced every possible situation and have the solution to your problem causing minimum damage and risk to you and your home. We also offer repair services to fix and replace any damage that the animal has caused to your structure,as well as attic restoration services, which most other wildlife removal companies do not provide making us your one stop shop for all of you raccoon trapping needs.


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How to get rid of raccoons


Raccoon invasions of homes and businesses is a very common occurrence here in Shreveport and Bossier City. Raccoons look for a safe, secure place for their babies to protect them from their predators who also make the area their home. A chimney or attic offers the critters a perfect place. We’ve been showing people how to get rid of raccoons from homes here in Caddo Parish and all over North Louisiana for over 5 years. We go through a specific process when we are helping homeowners with their raccoon problem.

  1. The first step is to do a complete inspection of your home: We have to find out how the raccoons are gaining access to your property. Do a full inspection of the house, and find the entry point. With raccoons, it’s not very hard, because they need a big opening. They often tear open roof ducts, or vents, or they rip the soffit out, or they can even break open a hole in the roof. Part of the humane raccoon removal process is to determine if there are any raccoon babies. If so, you need to remove them as well as the adult female raccoon!
  2. We create a humane raccoon removal plan, sometimes special traps are mounted directly on the entry and exit hole. Wildlife Abatement uses live catch traps only to remove a Raccoon from your property. This is the safest to occupants of the home and it is the most humane treatment for the animal. We then relocate the raccoons to their proper surroundings. When relocating an animal Rob will take the raccoon several miles away and deposit them in a more suitable habitat. This usually requires a distance of at least 10 – 15 miles and a significant body of water between the trapping location and relocation destination. Without these steps being taken the animal will simply return to it’s known nesting location and continue to make your life miserable.
  3. We then take steps to make sure they don’t get back in your home through the attic or chimney and make the house raccoon-proof. This step is known as “raccoon exclusion,” and should be performed by wildlife management professionals.  Most folks simply don’t appreciate how strong, smart, and determined raccoons can be when they want to get into a building. Call Wildlife Abatement today so we can get someone over to your home before they do more damage to your property.
  4. The last step is to clean the area the raccoons were living in or perform a full attic restoration. We tidy up after the raccoons and disinfect the areas where were living to remove raccoon filth and contamination. If needed, we can also replace contaminated insulation, install chimney caps and animal-resistant vents, and do whatever else is needed to keep the raccoons out of your home for good.

A wildlife trapper’s goal should never be to kill the animals that they trap, but remove the raccoons safely and bring them back to their natural habitat, miles away from residential properties. It should always be a trapper’s priority to solve each problem as humanely and to follow the very best practices for humane raccoon removal.

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So when you can’t figure out how to get rid of raccoons call Wildlife Abatement  your Humane Raccoon Removal Specialist serving Shreveport LA, Bossier City LA, Barksdale Air Force Base LA, Haughton LA, Benton LA, Keithville LA, Coushatta LA, Greenwood LA, Stonewall LA, Elm Grove LA, Ringgold LA, Minden LA, Ruston LA, Natchitoches LA, Marshall TX, Longview TX,  Texarkana TX, TX, Henderson TX, Nacogdoches TX, Mount Pleasant TX, El Dorado AR, Hope AR,  Magnolia AR, Texarkana AR

Wildlife Abatement offers wildlife removal to industrial, commercial and residential customers. Wildlife Abatement can assist you in resolving your wildlife problems. We also specialize in attic and crawlspace restoration and decontamination. We pride ourselves in being the leaders in wildlife control with exceptional service. We handle every situation in the most humane way possible. We specialize in a wide range of humane wildlife control services including: bat removal, Skunk removal, raccoon removal, squirrel control, bird control, snake removal, bee removal, opossum removal and more. This also includes dead animal removal, damage repairs, waste cleanup, decontamination,deodorization and sanitation.

The professionals at Wildlife Abatement are trained to humanely handle wildlife control situations in the North Louisiana area. If wildlife finds a way into your Shreveport or Bossier City home, Rob will be able to remove the animals from your home as well. He will then identify where the critters entered your home to avoid future infestations. All methods and techniques used by Wildlife Abatement are humane and avoid stress and harm to the animal being removed. Never try to remove the animals on your own. This could cause harm to both you and the animal.

To get started with Wildlife Abatement for raccoon removal and control services for the Shreveport or Bossier City area, call us today at (318)553-3006